• Maintain clarity and trust. Relationships are key to my business and reputation is everything.
  • Don’t mince words. Your time is valuable.
  • Clarity on rates. They are advertised for all to see.
  • Build strong maintainable systems that can be relied upon.
  • Clear and regular communication. No radio silence.

What you don't get.

  • An employee - I work with you not for you. I offer advice and will question decisions to get the best possible results.
  • A big team, but that means a VIP personal service.
  • Cut price development. High-end, quality work produced with experience is not cheap, but it is good value for money. You get what you pay for.

Tiny Code Factory is a lean software development company run by Ben Aldred. Based in Manchester, UK

Less risk

I work in short development cycles and in close collaboration with you to build the app/product that you want. Short iterations let you see progress, give feedback and allow you to change your requirements and fix problems quickly.
This means that you are not committed to months of development costs and risk up front.

Can he get the job done on time and on budget?

I bet that's what you are thinking! I have the experience of working for big organisations and at small startups. I also know what it's like to start my own business. With many problems encountered and solved I am confident I can help with yours.

Are we a good fit? Contact me or see the projects I have worked on.